Lego 76082 – ATM Heist Battle

The ATM Heist Battle is a new Marvel Super Heroes Set that will soon be available on stores. With a small size, only hundred and eight five pieces, it features a small building, representing a bank, three mini-figures (Spider Man and a couple of Masked Robbers) with nice accessories and a motorcycle for the escape.

It might not be considered the best option if you’re searching for cars or unusual vehicles but I definitely like this set in terms of playability. The robbers look absolutely fantastic with their printed faces and unusual weapons (the laser gun with the stud shooter looks really cool). The green motorcycle despite not being a new model is also a nice added value to the set.Lego-76082-ATM-Heist-Battle-marvel-super-heroes

The Bank is obviously the main attraction in the set, and this small building surely represents well the area where the AMT’s are usually installed. It presents a small glass door and a wall nearby that can be broken thanks to a small knob placed on top. Inside there are two ATM’s and at least one of them will be robbed with the help of a chain that will pulled by the motorcycle.

Overall it’s a pretty decent set for sure. The bank shows some tricky features to enjoy and the mini-figures are surely fantastic. The new ATM Heist Battle should be available next June with a retail price around the twenty dollars which seems quite fair for a Super Heroes set.

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