Lego 76078 – Hulk vs Red Hulk

Hulk vs Red Hulk is a new Marvel Super Heroes set that has been unveiled and shortly will be presented at 2016 San Diego Comic Con. And at the first glance it’s definitely another huge Marvel set with lots of action and playability.

The set box brings three hundred and seventy five pieces and features a couple of vehicles with lots of color, nice details and deadly weapons, two big figures (Hulk and Red Hulk) and a couple of additional mini-figures (She Hulk and Red She Hulk with additional accessories), that I’m particularly curious to see.Lego 76078 - Hulk vs Red Hulk

Hulk shows an awesome green and purple buggy with extra large wheels and a powerful chain gun with six studs to blast Red Hulk. Red Hulk, on the other hand, has a red tricycle with a similar size and at least six stud shooters that can be fired through multiple angles. The ladies will definitely have a lot to deal with in this action theater.

The set, despite being shown in a couple of weeks, will be available only January 2017  and should retail around the sixty dollars which seems a bit over priced, if we attempt to its piece count.

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