Lego 76075 – Wonder Woman Warrior Battle

The Wonder Woman Warrior Battle is a new DC Comics Super Heroes set, already available on retail. It is a medium size set with two hundred and eighty six pieces and features a great vintage style airplane, two mini-figures (Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor) with assorted accessories and a brick built figure, Ares.

In my opinion, the airplane is absolutely the highlight of this set, especially for those who don’t know anything about this DC Comics scenario. Joining a great design with a nice and usual color scheme, the plane has definitely some really nice details to enjoy.Lego-76075-Wonder-Woman-Warrior- Battle--dc-comics-super-heroes-3

The cockpit looks really small and I doubt if it has some kind of handlers inside. Right next to the small windshield, a couple of stud shooters are one of the possible weapons to fight back the big Ares. But they’re not the only one because below the wings, there are also two extra shooters.

The landing gear looks quite funny and the wheels are the ones usually used on City bikes. Both wings have a big blue shield and the tail features a white stabilizer, completely different in terms of color from all the rest. Finally the big propeller, together with the engine, ensures the plane with the appropriate power to fly.Lego-76075-Wonder-Woman-Warrior- Battle--dc-comics-super-heroes-2

Ares looks pretty cool, with lots of small pieces and colored details and the two mini-figures are once again pretty accurate. Globally, it’s a pretty interesting set with a great airplane to enjoy. The set, already available, retails with a price around the forty dollars. Enjoy the pictures!

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