Lego 76054 – Batman: Scarecrow Harvest of Fear

Three spectacular vehicles (a Harvester, a blue helicopter and a small tractor) and five mini-figures (Scarecrow, Killer Moth, a Farmer, the Blue Beetle and Batman) with assorted accessories is what the new Batman: Scare crow Harvest of Fear will feature, among a total of five hundred and sixty three pieces.

I like this Harvester! With a several brown shades and a lot of nice details, it shows a technic structure that is perhaps a big complex than usual in this theme probably due not only to the wheel axles but also to the rotating blades on the front which seems to be a connected mechanism.Lego-76054-Batman-Scarecrow-Harvest-of-Fear-super-heroes

Scarecrow is nicely installed on top and besides some controls, it has also a stud shooter to attack Batman and the poor farmer. The cab, if we call it like that, has also plenty of stickers that don’t bring, in my opinion, any added value.  Behind him there is the fuel tank (a really nice lime translucid piece!), the big engine with four exhausters and a couple of features which through the available pictures aren’t very clear for now.Lego-76054-Batman-Scarecrow-Harvest-of-Fear-super-heroes-1

The Batcopter looks really cool. Using a blue and black combination, it has a sturdy look and at the same time powerful if we attempt to its weapons. The cockpit at the front has an unusual windshield with total access to the interior where it’s possible to find a seat for batman and the control panels right at the front.

Nearby, there are on each side a couple of stud shooters to fight back the harvester and on top the engine and the six propellers (these ones are perhaps my favorite part of the heli) give the vehicle the appropriate power. The tail, which is quite balanced, as expected, has the traditional batwing. The smallest of the three, the tractor, is really simple but makes his roil with perfection. Lego-76054-Batman-Scarecrow-Harvest-of-Fear-super-heroes-2

The mini-figures, as always, in this theme are simply awesome and Scarecrow and the Blue Beetle are surely a great addition. Overall, this new DC comics set is absolutely a great deal. Three vehicles and almost six hundred pieces for around sixty dollars are at least quite tempting! The set like the rest of the Super Heroes wave should hit stores next June!

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