Lego 76052 – Batman Classic TV Series – Batcave

What a great set that will shortly be available. This new DC Comics Classic TV Series is a must for Batman’s fans and looking at the set box pictures, which unfortunately are no longer available, by Lego request, there is surely a lot of great stuff to enjoy.

The new Batman Classic TV Series – Batcave will include the Batcave, a smaller section for Wayne Minor, three vehicles (the Batmobile, a Batcycle, and a Batcopter) and nine (!!!) mini-figures: Batman, Bruce Wayne, Robin, Dick Grayson, Alfred Pennyworth, Catwoman, the Joker, The Penguin and finally the Riddler.Lego-76052-Batman-Classic-TV-Series–Batcave-dc-comics

If you were lucky enough to see the pictures yesterday (with a bit of luck they’re still available somewhere…), you surely got the idea that this will be a very big set. The pictures showed a big structure with three major elements, the deep cave with a big wall on the opposite side, a heliport with a garage, just below it, for the batcycle and the Wayne Manor section.

The batmobile, with an awesome design, mixes black with plenty of red elements and it looks pretty long, the batcopter, built mostly with red bricks, isn’t very big but it shows some unusual details and finally the smallest of the three, the batcycle is a nice side cart with seats for batman and Robin.Lego-76052-Batman-Classic-TV-Series–Batcave-dc-comics-1

The mini-figure, unfortunately, aren’t very clear for new but they will certainly be in line with the rest of the set. Rumors mention the possibility of the Batcave being available for VIP Members next February but there’s still missing the official confirmation. Can’t wait for the official details and plenty of new pictures!

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