Lego 76034 – Batboat Harbor Pursuit

The Batboat Harbor Pursuit is a new DC Comics Super Heroes set that has recently hit stores. With exactly two hundred and sixty three pieces, it features an awesome batboat, capable of split into two, a small jetboat, three mini-figures (Batman, robin and Deathstroke) and a couple of additional accessories such as a jumper piece and a small safe.

My first impressions about it couldn’t be better. Batman’s vehicle is definitely very cool with a bunch of nice stud to play with, where the higher point is for sure the fact that the front cockpits detach from the rest and transform into two speed boats to chase Deathstroke jet bike.

The main structure, at the back, is what can be called a control center with a big satellite dish in the middle and two flat screen panels with lots of graphics and radars that can immediately tell Batman and robin the actual position of Deathstroke’s jet bike. In front of the panels there is a small seat for one of guys to take control of the radar. The batwings as well as the powerful engines are nearby them and on both edges there are also a couple of flick fire missiles that can slightly move up and down.

In the front, there is absolutely the best part in terms of playability. The two cockpits are prepared to be easily detached from the rest, thanks to a small mechanism placed just behind them, and transform immediately into two small hover boats to fight back the small Deathstroke jetbike.

The hoverboats, which are symmetric, seem pretty cool. At the front, the big cockpit windshield, that opens widely, gives access to the interior where is possible to see space enough for the mini-figure and a small control panel. Each one of them has also on one side a small stud shooter ready to fire against the orangebike.

The jetbike is a regular model, seen so many times on other Lego sets, but with the major difference of having a couple of big missiles just aside the pilot that gives it a very cool look. And talking about the pilot I would say that Deathstroke is perhaps one of the coolest mini-figures that I’ve seen in the last times. I think that this thought says everything about it!

Overall, this seems a great deal. It will retail around the thirty dollars which is a very interesting price according that we’re talking about a DC comics set, and of course the piece count, and most of all, the batboat looks absolutely fantastic not only in terms of beauty but also if we attempt to its playability. Enjoy the pictures!

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