Lego 76022 – X-Men vs. The Sentinel

This is a new Marvel set that will retail in the beginning of next Summer. It brings exactly three hundred and thirty six pieces which will put it in a price range around the fifty dollars (a bit expensive for what it features), four mini-figures (Storm, Magneto, Cyclops and Wolverine), a built brick Sentinel and the major attraction the Black Bird, Men’s aircraft.

Just like so many other sets, this is another battle between a few characters and the Sentinel with the main goal of rescue Wolverine from the Purple guy. The Sentinel is a sort of Mini-Meck, with a slim body made with small pieces and long arms and legs.

The aircraft. despite a couple of interesting details. is not my favorite, far away from that. The cockpit at the front with a long windshield seems pretty big, just behind it, there is an extra room, a sort of command center where another mini-figure can be easily seated and hidden from the enemy just by closing again the removable roof. Finally at the back the engines and the big winds give the air ship the appropriate power.

Just below all of this, a couple of flick fire missiles seem ready to fire against the big sentinel. The weapons collection doesn’t end here because just between the engines, there is an additional cannon that can be easily put in position and fired once again against the enemy. No matter all this interesting features look, this set is definitely not my type and I’ll certainly pass it.

However, I can’t say the same about the mini-figures which look pretty amazing, especially storm and Magneto with its white eyes. Globally, as usual in some of Super Heroes sets , it seems a regular set with an expensive price that in my opinion doesn’t worth the value. Have a look at the pictures and take you own conclusions!

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