Lego 75910 – Porsche 918 Spyder

It’s almost sure that I’ll spend some money, next year, with speed champions sets and one of the reasons is this Porsche 918 Spyder. The set just like all these similar isn’t big featuring only the Porsche, the mini-figure (a pilot with a green racing suit), a race stand with a flag and a small wrench.

The car is entirely built with grey pieces and is the only convertible in this wave, so there is no kind of issue when trying to access the cockpit. The front seems quite long and with round shapes, including the wheel arches that surely give it a very beautiful look. The lights and the Porsche symbols are stickers but I guess that this time they make their roll perfectly!

The cockpit is very deep, with an aerodynamic windshield and this time brings a red racing seat and the usual steering wheel. The engine is placed at the back and unlike other models it’s possible to see the grids just behind the cockpit. There still no kind of images from the back, so my curiosity about this part is still pretty high!

The pilot wears a light green and white suit with some printing in the front and honestly is not so appellative as the others but I guess that is unfair to compare it to Ferrari or McLaren, isn’t it? Globally, the set is definitely another must, full of beauty and playability. Fifteen Euros (that’s only my hint) are already reserved for it!

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