Lego 75900 – Mummy Museum Mystery

The Mummy Museum Mystery is a new Scooby Doo entry set that will hit stores next summer. It brings a bit more than hundred pieces and features a small sanctuary with a golden sarcophagus and three mini-figures (Scooby-Doo, Shaggy and a Mummy) with assorted accessories.

This set isn’t for obvious reasons, the best in terms of playability, however it looks quite pretty and definitely can be a good addition to other Scooby Doo bigger sets. And if there were any doubts, the mini-figures are also an extra reasons to enjoy it.

The Shrine is part of a Museum and is built with two small pillars with golden details that include two small spot lights with a few hieroglyphs on the left and a conqueror’s picture on the right. In the middle, the golden sarcophagus, that seem be unmovable is stuck to the top with a small chain.

Underneath it, there is a small compartment where all the precious jewels are hidden. This part includes dark red pieces that break the golden /gray monotony, and is easily accessed just by pulling the front to the right. Shaggy won’t certainly have any problems to find it due to the fact of having a map (will it be a printed piece?).

Overall, it is at the first glance a nice entry set for this theme. The mini-figures are perhaps the most iconic of Scooby Doo Cartoons and the only con for me is only the small lack of playability. The set that should retail around the fifteen dollars will be available next July.

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