Lego 75886 – Ferrari 488 GT3 Scuderia Corsa

The Ferrari 488 GT3 Scuderia Corsa is a Speed Champions Set that has been released last march and is definitely one of my favorites in this season, mixing all the traditional features with an awesome design ( the predominant red and the bunch of stickers surely give a good help), pretty close to reality.

This new set features, besides the Ferrari, a pilot with a beautiful trophy, some additional accessories that include a blue helmet and a screwdriver, and a spare kit of alloy rims, apparently with the same color but a different design.

In the front, it shows a big black aileron that contrast perfectly with the rest of car. The hood has a Ferrari logo as well as a few white bricks and just next to it, the cockpit seems to have the appropriate space for the pilot. The windshield detaches easily and allows access to the interior and in the back, the Scuderia Corsa aileron surely will stick the car to the road!

 Globally at the first glance we might think that this is just another racing car to add to the collection but I think that it’s more than that! The color scheme looks great, the design is awesome and the aileron surely gives it an extra speed look. The set is already on retail with the usual price of fifteen bucks. Enjoy it!

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