Lego 75885 – Ford Fiesta M-Sport WRC

This might be one of the smallest speed champions race car but I love it! The new Ford Fiesta M-Sport WRC is a 2018 set with around two hundred pieces and it surely has everything to be a truly success: design, color and playability.

The new Fiesta isn’t very big, but it seems built with plenty of small pieces and definitely shows some really nice details to enjoy. And the first one is absolutely the big air scoop in the engine that can easily be replaced by a normal hood. The white alloy wheels have eight rimes but can also be substituted by a spare kit with a different design.

The cockpit isn’t very big but is fully protected by a wide windshield and the roof seems also to easily detach which is nice when it’s time to put the pilot inside the car. At the back the big aileron with a few stickers give the car the ultimate touch in terms of racing look. Talking about stickers I guess that the hardest part is to find a place where there isn’t any but globally they give the car a really nice image.

Overall, this is surely a must for the speed champions cars fans. The Ford looks absolutely beautiful, with a great design and the pilot wears a cool suit with the main colors of the car. The set should retail next March with a price around the fifteen dollars, in line with the usual. Enjoy it!

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