Lego 75879 – Scuderia Ferrari SF16-H

The Scuderia Ferrari SF16-H is a small Speed Champions set that will be available in the next wave of Lego Releases, next summer. It has around hundred pieces, perhaps a bit more, and features a great Formula One Ferrari, with a finish line and a mini-figure, the pilot, with a couple of accessories namely a spare helmet.

I really love this Ferrari. All the usual shapes and details in a F1 are absolutely perfect and the color combination couldn’t be better. With two big ailerons on the edges, the car also presents some nice black wheels and the only point that I possibly mention is that the back tires should be slighter larger than the front ones.Lego-75879-Scuderia-Ferrari-SF16-H-speed-champions-2

The cockpit is as big as possible with the seat in a lowered position, just like the real ones. The steering wheel is not visible but I guess that it must be a standard piece and just behind the driver, on top of the engine is what it seems a video camera. The back, including the engine is perhaps the simplest part but the stickers, which are present all over the car, are definitely and added value in terms of beauty.Lego-75879-Scuderia-Ferrari-SF16-H-speed-champions-1

The finish line is pretty small but at the same time shows a great number of features to play with, including the starting lights, the finish flag and even a rack with some tools for the mechanics, which is awesome in terms of playability and especially if you add more vehicles to the race.Lego-75879-Scuderia-Ferrari-SF16-H-speed-champions

Overall it’s a really interesting deal for such a small amount. The Ferrari SF16-H is absolutely fantastic, even if we’re talking about a fifteen dollars set, the mini-figure looks especially accurate with a great suite, and the racing lights surely add some playability to the set. This speed champions set will be available on retail only next summer and will definitely be part of my want list.

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