Lego 75873 – Audi R8 LMS Ultra

The Speed Champions’ cars are definitely a serious case of compulsive buying where the predominant feeling is getting all of them. And this new Audi R8 follows the rule, showing a pretty racing model with lots of amazing details and best of all, quite close to the real world model.

The set has exactly hundred and seventy five pieces and features besides the white racing car, a mini-figure (the pilot, obviously), a podium with two flags and a trophy, a couple of tools and four spare rims, slightly different from the

The Audi is built mostly with white bricks but it shows plenty of different elements of other colors namely the rims, the front bumper, the back aileron, the black bars next to the cockpit and of course lots of red stickers with the lights but also with the Audi logo.

This definitely a well balanced model, especially if we compare it to reality. The front is long and inside, the pilot finds the usual steering wheel and a nice lowered piloting position. The roof seems easily detachable, providing a better access to the interior which is always pleasant in terms of

Beyond this, there is a bunch of nice details to admire, all over the car. The rims are awesome and make a pretty contrast with the predominant white, most of the stickers give the car another beauty that wouldn’t possible without them, and of course the back aileron that this time seems more complex than usual, keeping at the same time the possibility of assuming several

Overall, if you like this theme, you won’t certainly miss this set. The car looks fantastic, the pilot shows the same R8 color scheme including a big logo in the chest and the podium, extremely simple, is a nice addition to the fun. The set has recently hit stores and retails around the fifteen dollars which is surely a very interesting deal!

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