Lego 75182 – Republic Fighter Tank

The Republic Fighter Tank is a new Star Wars set with three hundred and five pieces that will be available on stores next June, during the next wave of Lego releases. The set features, besides the vehicle, four mini-figures (a Clone Trooper Gunner, Aayla Secura, and a couple of Battle Droids) with assorted weapons.

And definitely I like it. Being smaller than other previous models, its sturdiness and fire power are surely one of the main highlights that caught my attention! With a nice color scheme, mixing dark red and grey, it shows a traditional front in this type of model with a cockpit slightly raised and surrounded by powerful weapons.Lego-75182-Republic-Fighter-Tank-star-wars

Thought the set box picture, it is possible to see at least a couple of stud shooters and some laser guns that will surely smash the enemy. The piloting position is perhaps my favorite detail in this set. In a central position, the Clone Trooper has a perfect view of everything that surrounds him at the same time that maneuvers the tank.

For now it’s not possible to observe the back, but through the available image, the couple of antennas are still there as well as the satellite dish. Will the guns assume multiple angles like the in the previous tanks? I’m sure they will!Lego-75182-Republic-Fighter-Tank-star-wars-1

Overall, it’s surely a great model. The vehicle has some good potential in terms of playability and the mini-figures despite not being very enthusiastic, with the exception of Aayla Secura, are nicely accurate. The set should hit stores next Summer, just like the rest of the set list, with a price around the forty dollars.

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