Lego 75102 – Poe’s X-Wing Fighter

The Poe’s X-Win Fighter was the first of the new Star Wars: The Force awakens sets that were officially today on the global merchandise event for Star Wars. Just like the rest of the wave, this new space ship looks pretty cool, it’s considerably big and definitely has interesting details all around.

With exactly seven hundred and seventeen pieces it shows besides the large wing star fighter, three mini-figures (Poe Dameron, a Resistance X-Wing Pilot and a Resistance Ground Crew guy), a BB-8, and a few accessories that surely increase the playability such as some ladders to climb up to the cockpit, a tool rack and a small loader with space for the figures, a couple of handlers and the rack at the back.

The X-Wing shows an awesome design and a great color combination mixing orange with black. The long thin front is quite typical of this space ships an ends only in the cockpit, just in the middle, where the pilot has space for his seat and a couple of handlers. The windshield has multiple angles and can be easily opened. Just behind it, BB-8 has a small compartment where can be easily transported.

Next to the cockpit, there are the two powerful engines and the opening wings that being controlled with a big knob at the back, can easily assume different positions. On the edges there are also four (!!) spring loaded shooters ready to be fired as well as two smaller stud shooters, just below the cockpit.

The smaller accessories are also very cool. The yellow ladders are perfect to access the cockpit and the loader, being extremely simple, has everything to be a useful part: it can transport two mini-figures, it includes some nice handlers and at the back there is also space for a small rack with a small compartment and four clips, probably to store the crew member’s tools.

Overall, this looks absolutely a fantastic star wars set. The space ship is very beautiful and brings a lot of stuff to enjoy, the mini-figures are once again rather accurate and the big con for me is only the price especially in Europe. One Hundred Euros (eighty in US) for a bit more than seven hundred pieces is definitely overpriced.

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