Lego 75099 – Rey Speeder

The Rey Speeder is the smallest of the new Star Wars the Force Awakens wave of sets, released in the first days of September. It features a red Speeder with a bunch of weapons and assorted equipment, two mini-figures (Rey and Unkar’s Thug) with accessories and a small grey box.

The speeder is mostly built with red pieces and it isn’t the prettiest for sure but it definitely has a lot of interesting elements to enjoy. The tall engine can be easily accessed just by a small rotation and inside it is also possible to find a storage hatch with a detachable sled (with two studs for a mini-figure) and a lot of extra ammunitions.Lego-75099-Rey-Speeder-star-wars-the-force-awakens

Stuck to the side doors, there are also a few clips with lots of different accessories: a blaster, a buzz saw and an electro binocular. Below the engine and next to the landing gear there are a couple of stud shooters (that are presented with a couple of stickers just aside) that give the space ship a nice fire power and are always an added value in terms of playability.Lego-75099-Rey-Speeder-star-wars-the-force-awakens-1The back part seems a bit more complex with the exhausters and a reasonable number of small pieces. On the top, the cockpit has space for Rey’s seat, a couple of of handlers and a small control panel just above them. Aside the pilot, there are also a sort of stabilizers, one on each side, that can easily move of angle.Lego-75099-Rey-Speeder-star-wars-the-force-awakens-2

The mini-figures seem really cool and among those extraordinary details I would especially highlight Unkar’s printed torso and Rey mask. Overall for around twenty dollars, it is surely a nice Star Wars set, not overpriced like a few in this wave, with a considerable number of features to enjoy. The Rey speeder is already available on retail with a price around the twenty dollars.

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