Lego 75091 – Flash Speeder

The Flash Speeder is a new star wars set that will hit the markets in the next months. It brings a bit more than three hundred pieces and features the green canopy used by Nabbo’s security forces for patrolling their cities and five mini-figures (Captain Tarpals, a couple of Battle Droids and two Nabbo Security guards) with multiple accessories.

The speeder is mostly built with green bricks and brings some interesting features to play with. The vehicle itself looks particularly wide and as a consequence, the cockpit, that shows a pretty small windshield at the front, has a lot of space in the interior, featuring all the appropriate handlers, a small panel in the middle and two seats for the guards.

Just behind them, thereis an empty space, probably for the Battle Droids or in another perspective to store some accessories. At the back, the wings, which are attached to the speeder, just on the edge of the vehicle, bring definitely the most part of the action with a lot of weapons to play with.

On both sides, we can see an orange spring loaded shooter, ready to fire against the battle droids and just in the middle, a small rotating cannon shows not only an extra spring shooter but also an always useful flick fire missile. Definitely it was hard to be better in terms of playability.

Having a look at the mini-figures, I must say that the two Nabbo guards, perhaps for not being so common, seem to be a step ahead from the other in terms of beauty and detail. Globally the new Flash Speeder looks absolutely a quite interesting set. The playability is in a high level, mostly thanks to the canopy features and the price which should be around the thirty dollars, won’t certainly be a con to purchase this set.

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