Lego 75086 – Battle Droid Trooper Carrier

The Battle Droid Trooper Carrier is a new Star Wars set that will be available on retail in the beginning of 2015. With a considerable size, five hundred and sixty five pieces, the set features the big Trooper Carrier that includes a small detachable space craft and fifteen (!!!) mini-figures which is absolutely unusual in a Lego set.

A new Gungan Warrior, two Battle Droid pilots and twelve Battle droids compose this huge army, giving this set an enormous potential in terms of playability. The Trooper Carrier can also be split in two, transforming the front in a small space craft for the two pilots.

Having a quick look at the Pilots’ vehicle it ’s mostly built with plenty of small pieces and features two stand positions for the pilots with some handlers at the front and a big spotlight just aside the pilot, on the left side. At the back, a couple of pins ensure a correct attachment when is time to return to the base.

The Carrier uses a technique structure in its base and features two separated areas to transport the battle droids. Right in the middle, there a big rack filled with at least (honestly is impossible to count them) twelve black guns which is once again absolutely unusual. I suspect that there is some additional feature in this part but honestly through the images it’s almost impossible to identify it.

When time to start the transport, the soldiers are divided in two platforms that are loaded millimetrically to the couple of grey compartments and the only way to prevent them from falling and transport them safely seems to be by pressing them to the couple of studs, reserved for each one . All around the space ship, there is a light brown structure which makes it pretty nice in terms of design.

The mini-figure aren’t properly beautiful, the difference between the soldiers and the pilot seem to be the blue parts in the torsos, but I guess that the major point is the fact that this big army will bring an extra dose of playability. The space ship looks pretty cool and I guess that the big con of this set will certainly be the price that should be around the sixty dollars. Please have a look at the gallery and enjoy!

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