Lego 75085 – Hailfire Droid

This isn’t for sure the most appellative set in terms of design, but it’s one of the most destructive vehicles present on the Episode II: Attack of the clones. With exactly one hundred and sixty three pieces the set has besides the droid, three mini-figures (two gray super battle droids and a clone trooper) with different weapons.

In terms of color scheme, the vehicle looks really nice, mixing an unusual brown, used on most part of the pieces, with gray. The Droid isn’t piloted, showing a central structure where the wheels and the respective technic mechanism will be attached as well as most of its fearful weapons.

And having a close look at these ones, there’s a nice rotating laser gun placed in the middle just below the Droid’s front, and four spring loaded shooter (two on each side) which are stuck to the vehicle with a couple of black technic pieces. These last ones are surely an add value in terms of playability.

The wheels are completely symmetric and consist of two big brown dishes that together with a bunch of small technic pieces (that is perhaps the explanation of the big quantity of pieces used on such a small car) are responsible for the rolling mechanism which gladly, as you can see in the pics, assume several angles, depending on the crossing obstacles.

The three mini-figures aren’t properly the most interesting, but for the Hailfire Droid wecouldn’t expect any others. Globally, it’s most of all a set for the most enthusiastic fans where all the playability and beauty are substituted by all the details that make this Droid a specific vehicle. The set is already available on stores and retails around the twenty dollars.

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