Lego 75050 – B Wing

The new B-wing has just hit stores. Inspired in the Return of the Jedi Episodes, this great set brings four hundred and forty eight pieces and, besides the space-ship, it brings three mini-figures (Ten Numb, Airen Cracken and the B-Wing Pilot) and a few assorted weapons and accessories for everyone.

This iconic space craft has an asymmetric shape with a nice cockpit in its left that includes a wide windshield and lots of space in its interior. The main body contains not only the four engines’ structure but also all the parts that are necessary to hold the cockpit and the company’s stars, the three long wings.

One thing is for sure, there is no kind of monotony or repeatability when building this set. The three wings are on the cockpit’s opposite edge and gladly can assume several flying positions, a feature that probably, just like in other sets, can be controlled through a knob placed somewhere at the back.

Each one of the wings has individual weapons and in the upper and lower cases, the new spring loaded shooters can be fired according to the wings’ positions which in their extreme have an angle of practically hundred and eighty degrees. The middle one, which seem static has some also a couple of laser guns ready to be fired the the pilot.

Overall, this seems a really nice set, that replaces the 2006 model, that brings a great space craft with a design completely different from the usual and with a couple of awesome features. The price, around the fifty dollars, isn’t the best but it’s in line with the rest of the theme. Enjoy the available pictures:

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