Lego 75022 – Mandalorian Speeder

The Mandalorian Speeder is a new Star Wars set, more properly from the clone Wars sub theme, with exactly two hundred and eleven pieces that will soon be released on the second wave of sets of this year. It has the big blue speeder and three mini-figures: two mandalorian commandos and the new Darth Maul.

At a first glance, the new speeder is most of all very large, being exactly twelve studs wide! Built essentially with white and blue pieces, it is extremely accurate with pretty nice details. Starting by the front, it is quite long and sharp and through the set box we can conclude that it has some flick fire missiles built below it and ready to shoot out!

The cockpit, protected by a usual windshield piece is also very large with room enough for one of the mandalorian commandos, a sort of control panel at the front and a few clips at the back, perhaps to store the weapons. As this was not enough, there is free space for an extra mini-figure and a few more accessories that you might remember!

At the back, just behind the pilot position and slightly above it, there is a nice platform, built interestingly in a forty five angle position, with a big laser cannon and the respective place for the soldier. It is built mostly with technic pieces and my only doubt is that if it can turn around which I think that it would be great in terms of playability!

The three mini-figures are also another reason to buy this set because they’re simply amazing. Darth Maul, thanks to its new robotic legs, is a new character exclusive of this set, and is also an amazingly detailed mini-figure not only because of its red and black torso but most of all and in my opinion thanks to its printed face. The two black commandos look more usual but those helmets with the long visors are surely very accurate.

The twenty five dollars that it will cost seem reasonable according to the number of pieces that it has! The Speeder is great, not only for its own but also a s a complement of other bigger sets, the mini-figures are a good addition to the collection and in terms of playability I guess that there are some features ready to present the fans with great hours of fun! Mean while have a look at some additional pictures:

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