Lego 75020 – Jabba’s Sail Barge

The Jabba’s Sail Barge is a new star wars set, that will be on retail next summer, with eight hundred and fifty pieces and intends to be a truly successor of the older 2006 sail barge (6210). Besides the big barge the set also brings six mini-figures (Max Rebo, Jabba the Hutt, a new R2-D2, Ree-Yees, a redesigned Leia Organa and finally Weequay) and a great poster.

Like it or not in terms of design, the new Sail Barge is huge not only in terms of building experience but also when we look at its playability. With a bunch of different colors, the barge in my opinion is extremely beautiful and through the pictures we can easily see that the features list is almost endless.

The main structure, built mostly with dark brown pieces, hide eight different doors, one at the front, two on each side and three at the back. At the front there is a nice cannon ready to aim and fire against the enemy, the four side doors give access to the interior where three different sections are easily distinguished.

At the front, just behind the cannon, there is a small jail with black bars and a small door and next to it, there is a bigger compartment to receive not only the mini-figures but most of all for Jaba with its big and heavy size! At the back, the three doors definitely hide some sort of weapon, however through the available pictures it is not possible, yet, to figure out what it is.

Having a look at the Barge’s bridge it is easily removable from the rest of the structure which is excellent in terms of playability because it easily allows the access to the interior. At the top besides the two big sail (they surely make me remember the new LOTR Pirate ship…) there are at least two heavy weapons, strategically distributed through the boat. The six mini-figures, that are not particularly new, look pretty accurate with some nice printings, the R2-D2 with the drinks and Leia Organa caught my attention for sure.

Hundred and twenty dollars seem a bit heavy especially if we compare the Barge with other star wars sets but the playability is quite high and most of all, the barge is awesome in terms of beauty. Please have a look at a few additional pictures:

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