Lego 75017 – Duel on Geonosis

From the star wars theme, The Duel on Geonosis is a new set that will be released on the next months that creates the fight between Master Yoda and Count Dooku from the Attack of the Clones’ episode. It features three hundred and ninety one pieces which will allow building Dooku’s Hangar, a speeder bike and four mini-figures: Yoda, FA-4, Poggle the Lesser and Count Dooku.

Starting by the speeder bike, it looks more of the same, especially if we remember the 75012 set- speeder with side-car. It is built mostly with small grey and brown pieces and has the usual long shape. The pilot position is placed at the front, having some nice control handlers and a good standing position.

The Hangar itself impresses with the huge quantity of arches, four at the back structure and a bigger one at the front that is simultaneously the connection of a launching pad for the speeder bike. With a flat plate, the pad has exactly the right size of the bike which is pretty nice in terms of playability.

At the back, there are a few nice features to enjoy.Starting, there is a big column that can easily fall over thanks to a side lever that can be easily triggered. Yoda can also be attached to a long pole, placed in the middle of the structure, and moved around ninety degrees to defeat the enemy. On the top, there is a light fitting with two spot lights and just next to the big arch there is also a small compartment for Dooku’s blue lightning.

Overall this looks a very nice set, and a good addition to a star wars collection, especially if we think that most of the star wars sets are space ships or vehicles. The four mini-figures are new, although there are some older versions slightly different, and all of them look pretty detailed. Finally the price will be around the forty dollars which is in line with the other summer releases. Please have a look at a few additional pictures:

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