Lego 75002 – AT-RT

The AT-RT, acronym of All Terrain Reconnaissance Transport is a new 2013 Star Wars set that looks great for battle games. It has exactly two hundred and twenty two pieces and has besides the AT-RT, three mini-figures (Yoda, a 501st Legion Clone Trooper and the Commando Droid Captain) and the bigger Sniper Droid.

This set intends to recreate a scene many times seen on star wars episodes that is an interception of the Droids made by the Legion Clone during a small and usual patrol. When that happens, all the bunch of weapons such as the light sabers, the blaster or even the AT-RT’s laser enter in action in order to defeat the enemy.

The Sniper Droid, seen on other sets of this first wave, is built through different parts with many small pieces and attached in the end, and has the usual three clays, the big laser gun at the front and the two antennas on its head. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again it is not, definitely, my favorite character far away from that.

The main attraction is obviously the blue and bigger AT-RT that is rather interesting not only in terms of design but also in terms of playability. I would even say that with a short amount of money, we can get a few cheap and different star wars sets (for instance, the 75000 and the 75001, beyond this one…) and make a considerable army not only in terms of vehicles but most of all in terms of mini-figures.

The AT-RT is built up on the two legs that use many small pieces, giving this Transport not only a good mobility but also a considerable flexibility because that they can assume multiple positions. On the top, we can see the cockpit with a few stickers (I guess there are four in total…) and a good piloting position, on the top, with some good handlers.Every one of the blue pieces, near the cockpit, that we can observe in the pictures, move up and down easily, giving the AT-RT a completely different design, every time you want. There are a couple of technic pieces that moves, but in practice they don’t add any value in terms of the transport playability or mobility.

Talking about the mini-figures, the Yoda and the Blue Legion Clone Trooper are not only two pretty accurate figures but they’re also rare characters that are definitely a great addition to any collection. Globally, for twenty dollars, this is surely a must not only because overall this set look really great but also because according to its number of pieces, this is definitely a great deal. If necessary, the instructions can be download from here.

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