Lego 70921 – Harley Quinn Cannonball Attack

The Harley Quinn Cannonball Attack is a new Lego Batman Movie set with four hundred and twenty five pieces that will hit stores next year. As you can see through the pictures, the set has a nice colored truck, two small buildings and four mini-figures (Batgirl, Crazy Quilt, the Gentleman Ghost and Harley Quinn) with assorted accessories which are great when it’s time to recreate a few scenes of the movie.

The red and black truck is absolutely the star of this set. With a vintage look, it has in the truck the most interesting part in terms of playability: cannon, capable of shooting a figure against the buildings!

Looking at the pics, the cannon can assume several angles and positions (it seems to rotate easily…) and is presumably triggered in the back. With a flat suspension and tires of different sizes, it shows also a really tiny cockpit with no doors (the roof can be easily detached) and only the minimum space for Harley.

The two buildings aren’t very big and seem pretty simple just like in the movie. However if you pretend to recreate a few scenes, they will surely be a good element to play with Batgirl and the Gentleman ghost.

Globally it seems a pretty interesting set. The red truck, together with the cannon assumes most part of the attention but the mini-figures claim also their part of fun and playability. They’re all absolutely outstanding! The set should retail next January with a price around the fifty dollars. Enjoy it!

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