Lego 70816 – Benny’s Spaceship

Back to the eighty’s!! The Benny’s Spaceship is a Lego Movie set that definitely transport us to the space era. The space vehicle is considerably big and brings almost one thousand pieces that also include five mini-figures (Benny, Wyldstyle, Astro-Kitty, Emmet with a Robot Disguise and a Robo Pilot). And of course as you might already know the box is completed with a black Robo Police interceptor.

And why does it bring back good old memories? Most of all because of the color scheme that is used: the blue and grey mixed with the big yellow windshield makes me automatically remember sets like for instance the 1985 model, FX Star Patroller(6931) and all the time that I spent playing with it!

Curiously, the similarities with that model are many, however many things have changed, starting for instance with the bunch of weapons that this Benny’s Space ship brings. It is probable one the models with more different weapons together in a single set: flick, fire missiles everywhere, powerful cannons over the wings and even the new spring loaded shooter is also included.

The nose includes, besides a couple of stabilizers with flick fire missiles, a big cockpit with plenty of space for all the panels and if necessary for a couple of additional mini-figures. Just behind it is, perhaps, the most detailed part of the ship with plenty of small pieces everywhere, a couple of big hoses on each side and of course all the structure that will carry the wings.

These are quite wide and bring on the edges a detachable flyer with a seat for the pilot and once again more missiles to fight back the robo pilot! The four massive engines are placed at the back, together with the satellite dish and just at their front there is room for an extra compartment with a couple of little TBA robots controlled by Benny. Overall I must say that I’m quite impressed with all the details that the spaceship brings, it is certainly very nice in terms of building activity.

The Robo Police Interceptor is nothing much, it’s a small flying craft fully armed where the cockpit occupies the most part of the available space. The mini-figures look pretty nice, and all of them with no exception would be welcome to my figures collection. Globally for hundred bucks this is absolutely a must. Please have a look at the gallery and enjoy all the details:

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