Lego 70810 – MetalBeard’s Sea Cow

This is surely a great new for the big ship lovers! The MetalBeard Sea’s Cow is a new huge Lego Movie set that has been unveiled. With exactly two thousand seven hundred and forty one pieces (!!) it features a gigantic ship, five mini-figures (Emmet, Wyldstyle, Metalbeard, Vitruvius and Benny) and lots of nice features to play with.

The picture, unfortunately, has not the best quality however is quite easy to see a ship built mostly with a brown shade and lots of white sails. The deck presents and endless list of details including a big mast, some ladders and lots of action. The bridge looks considerably tall with three distinct levels with a helm on top.

At the long bow, a flying cow (yes there is a flying cow…) looks furious when looking at the blue couch just next to the ship. At the top it is also possible to observe a flying square object shooting balls against the ship. For now it’s almost impossible to observe additional details however among almost three thousand pieces it won’t be difficult to find them.

A final note focused on the most probable three hundred (maybe two fifty…) bucks that it will cost. In my opinion the movie will have to a success, otherwise it won’t be easy to spend such a huge amount on a single set despite all its beauty and playability.

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