Lego 70753 – Lava Falls

Lava Falls is a new Ninjago set that will be available on retail in a couple of months. This entry set brings only ninety four pieces and features two mini-figures (Cole, and a new Anacondrai Warrior) and a small structure surrounded by Lava with a breakable brown bridge in the middle.

Just most of its similar size sets, the playability isn’t much however we can still find a few interesting features in here. Trying to reach a small temple, Cole will have to first cross a small tricky bridge. As you can see in the images, especially in set box, there is a small handle that will trigger a mechanism making the small bridge fall.

Cole will have to be fast and jump to the other side where he will find, besides the warrior, a small temple with a golden sickle. Just all across the way, a couple of flames will difficult the passage to the other side.

In terms of mini-figures, Cole with his black suite is already a known guy is this theme but this new Anacondrai Warrior is a new presence. Both have detailed torsos, the printings in the warrior’s face are also very good however I must say that these guys aren’t definitely my favorites. Have a look at the gallery!

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