Lego 70752 – Jungle Trap

The Jungle trap is a small Ninjago set that will hit stores in a couple of months. With only fifty eight pieces, it brings two mini-figures (Kai and a new Anacondrai Warrior) and a small temple with a few interesting details including a hidden trap.

The temple has, at the front, two small steps that lead to a brown sculpture. But before Kay gets there he’ll have to surpass two big swords that have opposite movements, striking off anyone that crosses it. Next to the swords, there are also a couple of green transparent axes that look quite beautiful. On both sides, there are also a couple of small bushes that intend to hide the small jungle trap.

Having a look at the mini-figures, Kai once again looks very nice with a small scarf in his face and a red detailed suit. The yellow warrior has a good color combinations mixing yellow with purple, a zombie face and, just like kai, a very detailed printed body. Both bring a big and deadly weapon.

Seven or eight dollars is the price that we should expect for this set. The playability isn’t much but the value for two mini-figures plus an extra structure to join other bigger sets seems fair. Enjoy the gallery!

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