Lego 70700 Galaxy Squad – Space Swarmer

If you’re looking for a couple of great new mini-figures, this is surely the right set. With about ten dollars you will get a blue robot, a green alien, a sort of bug or something like that, which is also very interesting especially if you’re becoming a real fan of this theme, and some cool features such as the big weapon of the blue robot and its jetpack.

The bug is obviously the big attraction of this little set. I guess we can say that this guy has two major parts in terms of features. First, its body which is no more than a small cockpit for the alien. The big red capsule open easily and we can easily check there is enough room for it and also for a considerable control panel at its front.The other part is its claws, which can assume multiple positions.

At the front there are three green little ones that can easily grab the robot, and below the four legs have also some flexibility which allows them to change to different moves very easily. At he backs there is a couple of green transparent wings that as well as the claws also ‘propel’ easily the bug.Now for me comes the best part which are the two mini-figures. As you can see by the pictures besides all those accurate details of the printings all over the body – look at the details of its eyes being printed with different colors – , the blue robot has a great new and powerful weapon and also a jet pack. Definitely this is a great mini-figure. On the other hand the alien, that is common to other sets, has also a new laser weapon with a red beam and a few awesome details on its body.

Ten dollars for these eighty six pieces will surely look a great deal. If you like the theme, go ahead because this is surely a great introduction. Have a look at the gallery:

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