Lego 70700 and 70705 – The first pictures of Galaxy Squad Sets

Recently in Canada, a couple of Galaxy Squad sets have been finally seen on retail. That’s great news for sure, especially to those who planned to buy, for Christmas, these new themes’ sets. Curiously these sets, the space warmer and the Bug Obliterator are the edges in terms of dimension.

By the pictures we can see that the new theme have several kinds of figures and not only those insects that have been shown before. The 70700 shows a blue fighter with something that looks like a rocket launcher and a green and red creature with plenty of claws, piloted by a green guy (which looks a bit different than the first insects.

On the other hand, the 70705, Bug Obliterator, has definitely more playability, which is a direct consequence of its size. With more than seven hundred pieces, the set has a sort of orange moon buggy, and a big space ship with eight!! rocket launchers, to fight what it looks like a big creature with a shape of a green big insect.

This little guy, compared with the big ship, of course, has a big and long arm with a laser, to defend it from the attacks of the two vehicles of the galaxy squad. Finally and according to the set box, the mini-figures will be four, three space soldiers and the insect pilot. In terms of price it expected that they will have prices around twelve and eighty dollars, respectively.

Please have a look at some close photos:

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