Lego 70641 – Ninja Nightcrawler

The Ninja Nightcrawler is a new Ninjago set that will soon be available on stores. With a bit more than three hundred pieces, it features a large green car with some really nice details, three mini-figures (Lloyd Garmadon, Nya and a villain) with plenty of accessories and finally a small bike.

The Night Crawler gets, for obvious reasons, all the attention! It has a great design, an awesome color scheme with some green and golden pieces and best of all there are surely some nice features all around to enjoy!

The wheels are placed on both edges and the car seems considerably large. The cockpit is right in the middle and is involved by a large windshield that opens widely to access the interior. Once there, Lloyd Garmadon has the usual: some handlers and a seat. On both sides there are also some golden blades that give the car a really cool look.

Just aside the driver, there are two cannons with some studs that can be triggered through a knob. Unfortunately for now, there aren’t any clear pictures from the back but looking through this angle there are surely a few more stuff to enjoy. The purple bike is a usual and simple model but is definitely an extra element in terms of playability.

Overall, it seems an interesting Ninjago set and especially if you don’t have many Ninjago vehicles. The car looks great not only in terms of features but most of all in terms of design and the characters are once again nicely accurate. The set should retail with a price around the forty dollars. Enjoy it!

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