Lego 70638 – Katana V11

The Katana V11 is a new Ninjago set with around two hundred and fifty pieces that has just hit stores. And it’s not bad at all, especially for those who now get in touch with this theme or planning to add smaller elements to bigger sets.

The set features, as you can see, a high speed boat, predominantly red, a black motorcycle and two characters, Kai and Luke Cunningham with some nice assorted weapons (at least three Katanas for the guys).

The boat is obviously the hero. And it surely has plenty of reasons for that. With a nice design and plenty of small pieces all around, it has a long front with a hidden compartment that can be easily accessed, allowing not only storing the Katanas but also a few extra elements if necessary. The cockpit isn’t very big but has more enough space for Kay.

Nearby, the Katana V11 has also a couple of spring loaded shooters that can be triggered through the back and surely will give fight to Luke and its bike. At the back, right behind the cockpit, in the middle of a bunch of golden pieces is placed the engine in order to give the boat the appropriate power when it’s time to fly in the water. One final note for the two stabilizers, aside the cockpit, that move and assume a speed mode.

 Overall, it looks a pretty cool Ninjago set. The street bike is a nice addition in terms of playability, the boat has some great features all around and the two mini-figures are as usual nicely accurate. The set is already available on retail and cost around twenty dollars. Enjoy it!

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