Lego 70609 – Manta Ray Bomber

Manta Ray bomber is a Ninjago Movie set that is available on stores since last August. With three hundred and forty pieces, it is basically the Flying Manta, a strange aircraft with the shapes of a Manta but with lots of interesting features and four nice mini-figures: Cole, Shen-Li, a Shark Army Great White and finally a Shark Army Gunner with assorted weapons.

The Aircraft definitely looks pretty funny. With a scary face and two wide fins (or wings if you prefer…), it’s impossible not to associate it to the big ocean creature. The cockpit is placed on top in a sort of yellow boat and inside besides the handlers, it has also space for a second guy and a big shotgun.

Talking about weapons, there are more! Right at the front, in the Manta’s mouth there are two spring loaded shooters, ready to fire against the enemy. Below the cockpit, in the base that seems to be made around a technic structure, two big engines with propellers ensure the appropriate power when it’s time for the action. Surely quite interesting!

Overall, it’s a pretty interesting Ninjago Movie set. With a reasonable price, around the thirty dollars, it shows besides the aircraft, four accurate mini-figures with nice details which are always a pleasant addition to any collection. Shen Li with the two buckets is absolutely my favorite. Enjoy it!  

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