Lego 70601 – Sky Shark

It’s strange at the beginning but looking closely, it’s a pretty nice and detailed jet with some interesting features to enjoy. The Sky Shark is a new Ninjago set with two hundred and twenty one pieces that features a jet with the shapes of a sharp and two mini-figures (Lloyd and Flintlocke) with assorted accessories.

In the wake of the Pirates, this new Ninjago wave has a lot of interesting details and this Jet is no exception, if we attempt to the multiple barrels and bones, anchors, chains and even a couple of chests.Lego-70601-Sky-Shark-ninjago

The cockpit, at the front, shows a traditional windshield but inside it looks simply fantastic with some handlers and a few control panels (the stickers this time made their role!). Just behind it, there is probably the most detailed part of the jet with lots of small elements that besides  the two engines includes also the small wings and the mentioned chains, anchors and even a couple of shotguns.

The tail is based on a small technic structure and at the back it could not miss a couple of white bones and two barrels. It is in fact a strange air jet, but globally it seems pretty balanced and best of all it also features a drop down features that allows two dynamite sticks or two rotten fish elements.Lego-70601-Sky-Shark-ninjago-1

In terms of mini-figures, they’re simply awesome! Flintlocke looks absolutely amazing with a multicolor suite, filed with plenty of little details and if it wasn’t enough Loyds features also a sort of fire jet pack to fight back the jet. Overall for around twenty five dollars it seems a very interesting deal with plenty of nice elements and playability. The Sky shark is already available on retail, enjoy it!

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