Lego 70412 – Soldiers Fort

Looks like that the hottest week in terms of news has just begun. The Pirates finally started surfing in the internet and among them this new soldiers fort. This new set brings two hundred and thirty four bricks that includes, besides the fort, five mini-figures (two pirates and three soldiers), a small boat and a considerable number of accessories including a treasure chest and weapons and swords for everyone.

The set, that intends to recreate an attack to the fort, brings definitely a lot to stuff to enjoy. The small harbor, on the left, has a nice black cannon upon a rotation platform which rotates 360 degrees and hits the pirate’s boats wherever it is. Next to it, the tall and thin (it’s almost as high as the tower) tree is built with plenty of small bricks that gives it an unusual look.

On the right, the fort has three distinct levels each one with different features. In the sea level we can see a small door and an arch just next to it with the exact space for the pirate’s boot to pass. Just above them there is a surprising winch that is controlled through a small handler placed aside the wall, and can easily grab the treasure chest, avoiding the pirates to catch it.

Finally in the tower’s higher level, there is a big blue flag and a little cannon that try to give an extra help when it’s time to fight back the pirates. Talking about these ones, as well as the soldiers, all of them seem pretty accurate, specially their torsos that have some really nice printed suites.

Globally, it looks a really nice return of this theme. Five minifigs on such an average size set is not very common and the enormous feature quantity that it brings makes this set a really nice acquisition. There are, for now, no official details in terms of price but I would say that according to its size, it will retail around the thirty dollars. Enjoy the pictures!

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