Lego 70409 – Shipwreck Defense

Here’s a pretty nice entry set for Pirates. It’s cheap, it brings a few interesting features to play with and best of all, it combines perfectly with the bigger Treasure Island (70411) which seems great in terms of playability.

The Shipwreck Defense brings only eighty four pieces that are responsible for two mini-figures (a soldier and a pirate, what else…) a cannon with ammunition and the pirate’s refuge that shows a surveillance post with a rack to store a couple of rifles, a basket that was left over from the sunken ship and a small barricade in the middle, made with a few boards.

As you might imagine, the set hasn’t great emotion in terms of building experience but is looks a good addition to the theme, especially if we consider that it can easily be attached to the Treasure Island. The clip just on the edge, on the left side, might be the responsible feature for that. The Pirate’s refuge includes also a flag stuck to a paddle, up on the chest, and a few precious jewels that were left over from the wreckage.

Overall, and just like most of the entry sets, this seems a good opportunity to achieve a few pirate’s elements for a decent price. The accessories aren’t particularly new, especially the cannon, but the small fire near the Defense definitely caught my attention. The set should retail around the ten dollars and will be available in a few months.

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