Lego 70313 – Moltor’s Lava Smasher

I had a few doubts concerning this new Nexo Knights theme and all that gravitated between the mix of Castle and Ninjago, but gladly, as a get used to it, I’m definetely convinced about all its great potential and playability, and a good example is this new Moltor’s Lava Smasher with plenty of fire everywhere.

The set brings exactly one hundred and eighty seven pieces (it should retail around the twenty dollars) and shows a fearful vehicle who two big lava rocks attached to the wheels, a catapult at the back and two mini-figures: Aaron, the fully equipped and armed Knight and Moltor, the driver that shows a couple of gigantic fists. I wonder how he will drive the vehicle.Lego-70313-Moltor-Lava-Smasher-nexo-knights

The Lava smasher isn’t much different, in terms of look, of some previous Ninjago sets. At the front, it shows what it seems a muzzle with big white teeth and plenty of nice fire details. The front wheels are the usual drillers and have attached a really nice fire rock mechanism, made with a small technic structure that rotates back or forward just as the car moves.Lego-70313-Moltor-Lava-Smasher-nexo-knights-1

The fire balls are made with plenty of small orange transparent pieces and looking closely, I’m quite curious about those tiny black pieces that pretend to be the ashes. Definitely very beautiful, that color combination! The cockpit is placed in the center and has on both sides a small catapult which is awesome in terms of playability. At the back the engine ensures all the necessary power to move the machine.Lego-70313-Moltor-Lava-Smasher-nexo-knights-2

In terms of mini-figures they’re simply awesome. Moltor, with its big fists, shows plenty of nice lava details all over its black body and the Knight besides its printed suite features also a big and powerful weapon with a shooter in the middle. Overall this is a pretty interesting set with lots of details and stuff to enjoy that should retail shortly on general retail. Have a look at the images and enjoy!

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