Lego 70160 – Riverside Raid

The Riverside Raid is the entry set of the Ultra Agents Theme that will start retailing next summer. It brings eighty eight pieces and features a great ATV, filled with lots of interesting details, two mini-figures (Agent Max Burns and Adam Acid) with assorted weapons and a small safe box.

The small Quad Bike is definitely awesome. It features not only all the land abilities to chase the bad guys but also can be easily transformed into a sort of jet speeder. At the first glance its shapes seems to be sloped and in fact they are, having the front lights and the blue transparent brick as the most visible parts.

On both sides there is a small shooter that can be detached and used as a laser fire weapon. At the back, there is also a really nice winch that not only can drag the safe box but also when the jet speeder is detached allows it to be pulled back to the bike. The two figures are, as usual, extremely accurate with special relevance for Adam’s printed face. It looks really great!

Overall, I think that we can’t ask for much more in such a small set. The vehicle brings a lot of stuff to play with, the figures are simply beautiful and even if you aren’t the theme’s biggest fan, the price around ten dollars, seem quite appellative to achieve this entry kit. Enjoy the new pictures!

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