Lego 70147 – Sir Fangar’s Ice Fortress

The Sir Fangar’s Ice Fortress is a Legend of Chima’s set, already available on stores, with six hundred and seventy pieces and a lot of stuff to play with. It features a big white fortress that includes a small detachable vehicle, a land vehicle to attack the tower and five mini-figures belonging to different tribes (Sir Fangar, Strainor, Voom Voom, Worriz and Gorzan).

Looking at the set box, the first impressions couldn’t be better. The big tower looks pretty nice in terms of color scheme, it brings a lot of nice features all around (some of them are hidden) and of course both parts bring a lot of weapons to fight for the precious Chi.

The fortress is constituted by a big tower with two distinct levels and a nice but tricky bridge that leads to the entrance. Just before this bridge the fun begins with a couple of steps that can easily be blown with the help of a small bar that is placed just below them. If this obstacle is surpassed, the big slippery bridge (with no studs) will certainly be an extra obstacle to reach the main gate.

The gate with a couple of skulls and a big arch can be easily opened just be moving a black knob, placed aside it. Once inside the gate, Sir Fangar has a black throne with three claws on top and on its left side a big and powerful cannon that fires perfectly a big white ice ball. The pictures aren’t very explicit but I guess that the set brings at least a couple of them.

If things go bad for him, the big lion head, which is on the top, can easily be transformed in a detachable small flyer to escape. The head is as always extremely detailed, being easy to identify all the muzzle parts. Finally just below the big cannon there is a small ice prison that the warriors will make everything to avoid it!

Having a look at Gorzan’s vehicle it definitely seems a battle machine. Built upon on a technic structure, it doesn’t seem big but it’s quite tall with shields at the front, a big cannon just in front of the cockpit and at its left side, a flame thrower powered by the magic Chi. The mini-figures bring all assorted weapons and are in line with the rest of the tribe’s members: pretty and extremely detailed.

Globally it is absolutely a very interesting set. The fortress looks very beautiful and with a lot of stuff to enjoy. The seventy dollars that it cost look a bit high but if we look at its size and playability I guess that there‘s no doubt that we’re in presence of a great deal. Enjoy the pics:

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