Lego 70137 – The Bat Strike

Images of the new Legend of Chima’s speedorz, The Bat Strike, have been posted and if the speedorz looks more of the same, the new mini-figure, Blista, is definitely a pleasant surprise with some nice interesting details.

The set brings one hundred and one pieces and besides the vehicle and the new mini-figure, it also features a nice bat wing barrier and some nice additional accessories such as the blue chi pieces, a couple of black spears for Blista, a few additional bat wings, the rip cord to aim the speedorz and five new cards.

The vehicle is mostly made with a blue structure with some nice printed details and has the shape of a bat face with a couple of wide bat at the bat wings. Having a look at Blista the light grey body has some really nice printed elements that extend through the torso and legs and at the back, the bat wings look nicely attached to the rest of the body.

With a retail price around the fifteen dollars, the new wave of speedorz is expected to be launched somewhere around next Christams and the beginning of next year. Please have a look at the official presentation:

 Jump the giant bat and topple the CHI pins with LEGO® Legends of Chima™ Speedorz™ Bat Strike with 2 weapons, 6 CHI and 5 game cards.

Venture into the caves of the wild outlands where the bats swoop in the darkness. Attach Blista onto the bat Speedor, pull the rip cord, jump over the giant bat and hit as many CHI pins as possible. Attach the power-up for maximum reach. Set includes Blista minifigure with armor and 2 weapons plus bat Speedor, 2 large bat wings, 4 small bat wings, rip cord, power-up, 6 CHI crystals and 5 game cards. Hit all the CHI pins to win or challenge your friends to see who can collect the most.

• Includes Blista minifigure with armor and 2 weapons

• Features purple bat Speedor, 2 giant bat wings, 4 small bat wings, rip cord, power-up and 5 game cards

• Weapons include a CHI-trident and a spear

• Pull the rip cord to unleash the bat Speedor

• Leap over the giant bat and hit as many CHI pins as possible

• Battle for the 6 CHI crystals

• Attach the bat-wing power-up for maximum reach

• Compete with your friends in an action-packed game of skill and accuracy

• Giant bat measures over 3” (9cm) high, 8” (21cm) wide and 3” (8cm) deep

• Collect the entire LEGO® Legends of Chima™ Speedorz™ series to create combo games

• Recommended ages: 7 – 14 years

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