Lego 70133 – Spinlyn’s Cavern

The Spinlyn’s Cavern is another Legend of Chima’s set that recently has been unveiled. With a total of four hundred and seven pieces, it brings the big cavern, a fat motorcycle, and three mini-figures, each one from different tribes: Eris from the Eagles, Rogon from the Rynos and Spynlin from the Spiders.

At the first glance this set makes me remember the Monster Fighters sets, perhaps because of the spider webs or the cavern’s gray shades. The naked structure that it presents seems to hide a lot of interesting details, not only at the big entrance but most of all in the tower at the back.

The entrance is a big circle built with many small pieces of different colors and a lot of pretty stickers (yes, this time I guess that they are an added value!). On the edges, a couple of big claws seem to easily move back and forward, and on the top of the arch, a few red traps seem to threaten the enemy. On the ground, a beautiful path made with round pieces of different sizes shows the way to the cavern.

The cavern is a tall structure with three distinct levels. At the base, the interior has a Chi source built on a small black structure with a nice sticker. Unfortunately, through the available pictures, it is not (yet…) possible to see clearly additional features but for sure that they seem to be there, especially if we attempt on the small technic piece placed in the wall!

The middle level has a big white net (the set has two…) with a little spider that unfortunately once again hides the entire interior. Finally on the top we can see a really nice winch easily controlled with a knob and ready to grab the enemy. However, honestly, there aren’t many things that can be trapped by the 2×2 dots brick of the winch…..

Having a look at Rogon’s bike, it’s quite unusual and brings a big back wheel, moved by the Chi Power and really to surpass any obstacle. With a white front filled with horns, the chassis has a technic structure that seems to move and trigger something. On the other hand, and I don’t know if it makes part of it, there is also, on the right side, a little catapult to throw some stuff against the enemy.

Globally this isn’t for sure the most enthusiastic Chima’s set but at least that’s a good option for those fans who claimed some building instead of vehicles. The mini- figures once again are simply great and the price won’t be, for sure, the excuse for not buying it! Please have a look at the gallery and enjoy the pictures!

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