Lego 70011 – Eagle’s Castle

The Eagle’s Castle is a new Legends of Chima’s set that is also a nice game. Yes, with the major goal of collecting all the Chi’s pieces, the set has two new speedorz that will fight in the Ewald’s Arena. It is considerably large with almost four hundred pieces and it has, besides the Castle, three mini-figures, the speedorzs and ten Chima’s cards.

The Eagle’s Castle has a look of an ancient monument, with all the shapes of an eagle, and a playing arena, in the ground, where all the action with the speedorzs takes place. The blue sculpture has an eagle head with a yellow beak that moves and opens widely. The blue wings are symmetrical and are stuck to the structure not only through some technic pieces but also with a few rubber bands that allows them to move at the same time. At the top, Ewald at its majestic throne observes all the combats between the wolf and the lion.

As you already have seen, this set has three mini-figures from three different tribes, which is almost exclusive: Ewald from the Eagles, Worriz from the Wolfs and Lennox from the lions. Every one of them, as usual, is rather accurate with great printed torsos, lots of accessories and even a double printed face.

The arena, on the ground, is where everything will happen. This huge feature consists in each one of the speedorz, launched at the same time on the green ramps, hit that moving little tower, in the middle of the arena, and achieve the maximum number of Chi pieces and win the battle. Of course there are some rules that must be followed and for that, you must pay attention not only to the instructions but also to the ten Chima cards.

The two speedorz that came with the set are all printed. There is not a single sticker to put on them, which is understandable not only because it is always prettier but most of all because at the end of ten powerful combats, the stickers would certainly be at bad shape. If you know beyblades you will certainly identify how these little vehicles work. If you don’t, basically with the help of a zip, all it is necessary is introduce the zip on the mechanism and pull hard in order to the speedorz’s wheel take the highest speed possible.

Globally, for about forty dollars, this is definitely a great set. It is perhaps the greatest legend of chima’s set in terms of playability and it has three mini-figures from three different tribes which is also rather unusual.

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