Lego 70005 – Laval’s Royal Fighter

The Laval’s Royal fighter is another Legends of Chima’s set that is absolutely outstanding, not only because of its awesome details but also thanks its great features and unusual colors. The set is considerably big, it has four hundred and seventeen pieces, including a bunch of technics and three great mini-figures that are Laval, Longtooth and Crawley the Croc.

The set recreates all the fighting and battles that Laval and Longtooth have against Crawley to recover its precious Chi, which are those two little blue pieces that you can see in the pictures and that represent the main source of power, not only for them but also for the big vehicle in order to keep battle the big croc’s army.The Royal fighter is a big vehicle with a huge Lion’s head, four long crawlers which made me immediately remind the big Ninjago’s Garmatron. But this is not the only issue because In terms of buildings, it has a similar structure, using several types of technic pieces, most of all for the vehicle’s structure.

At the front, the lion’s head is perhaps the greatest part of the set. It is very well reproduced in terms of design and almost or even all the part can assume different positions which allow to give the lion many different faces. Everything moves and turns, the ears, the mane, the nose (this one has a hidden option to change every time you want…) and even the jaw with its sharp teeth can capture a croc.

At the back part of the head, there are all the controls of the vehicle which includes a steering wheel and a small control panel which unfortunately is a sticker. Just behind the head, we have the other main section which is a huge machine gun. The one is built over a long technic mechanism that allows it to step forward and assume an attack position, or get back every time it is no longer needed.

This is achieved – and it is definitely great in terms of playability – thanks to a knob placed at the left side of the vehicle that allows commanding the entire platform’s movement. The machine gun itself not only spins all the 360 degrees but also has a little knob that triggering it allows to give the effect that the gun is really firing out ammunition.Talking about the three mini-figures they are surely another added value of this set. Have a look at the details over the pictures because they all have great printed bodies with unusual colors as well as masks that give them a completely different and unusual look.

Globally, for a fair price, forty dollars, this is surely a great vehicle that includes three minifigs and a lot features to build and play with. Please have a look, below, at some extra details:

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