Lego 70004 – Wakz’ Pack Tracker

The Wakz’ Pack Tracker is another great vehicle from the new theme, Legends of Chima, and in terms of concept it is rather similar to the Laval Royal fighter (70005). It has a great suspension, a big wolf’s head which incorporates the controls and at the back a big and powerful weapon, in this case a missile launcher.

The set has almost three hundred pieces and three highly detailed mini-figures that are Waks, Winzar (the two wolfs) and Equila the eagle. The purpose of the set is the same of many others of Chima: fighting for possession of the precious Chi, the blue pieces that are the main source of power that both armies need.

The Pack Tracker is a big all road truck, with a highly detailed wolf’s face at the front. I must say that every detail is fantastic, the ears, the long nose, and even the jaw, all of them together are simply perfect. By the way, the jaw has a terrific feature that consists on a small technic piece attached to the suspension, that makes the wolf’s mouth open and close every time that the vehicle runs.

In terms of building, all the base structures and suspension is made with technic pieces which surely give the vehicle a very sturdy look. The wheels are considerably big and have each one of them, six white teeth attached to impose some respect and protect the wolfs from any kind of walking enemy that suddenly might appear.

Just like on the Royal fighter, the back part of the head is reserved for the control and Wakz have at its disposal a steering wheel and a small panel. If we’re honest, this vehicle is in fact a modified truck, not only because of its huge suspension but most of all because of its trunk and all its great functionalities.

On the sloping trunk we can see not only a scary and powerful rocket launcher but also, in the back, a winch with a big chain and a couple of teeth just in the end that are surely two rare pieces. The rocket launcher is extremely flexible and thanks to a junction used for instance on hero factory’s models, the traditional ball, it can it everything on every angle.

Between the launcher and the winch, the trunk has enough space to put a couple of additional wolfs, which not only giving the battle a more realistic look but also increases the set’s playability. Finally at both sides, there are two doors that come down every time it’s necessary to increase the access.

The mini-figs are also rather well accurate, just like in all Chima’s sets, I especially enjoy all those masks that they use, which transforms them completely. On the other hand, their torsos are definitely well designed and particularly on this set, every one of them has a different weapon.

Globally this is a great set where the wolf’s face, at the front of the vehicle is surely the main attraction. The thirty dollars that it will cost seem a fair price for such a bunch of nice features and details. Please have a look at some of them:

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