Lego 70000 Legends of Chima – Razcal’s Raven Glider

The Razcal’s Raven Glider is a 10 dollar set from the new theme, Legend of Chima, and looking at the set list this one is the theme’s entry. With hundred and nine pieces, it brings the glider with the shape of a bird and a bunch of different dark colors and a single mini-figure Razcal with a black suite and wings in its back.

The Glider could also be named something familiar with a sort of big bird or an eagle because the similarities with it are huge. The beak, the tail, the wings and even the claws above the body make remember that majestic creature. In the middle we can see that Razcal has a cockpit with a white handle in its front.

Almost every parts of this glider use exclusive pieces (at least for this theme)because honestly I‘ve never seen the major parts of them in any other sets. At the back there is a small chain with a sort of token or torch attached to it. It must surely have some meaning but I haven’t found anything about it yet.

Finally Razcal is surely a great mini-figure to add to the collection. With a printed black torso that extends to the legs, this guy has also some wings in its back that gives it an unusual design but definitely very accurate at the same time.

Globally a good set for set dollars that stars now to be released on online stores. Please have a look at additional pictures:

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