Lego 66540, 66453 and 66455 – Three Nice Super Packs for Christmas

Yesterday, in my local Toysrus, I stumbled in three 2013 Super packs, perfect for be some nice Christmas gifts. Personally I think that these type of sets are always pleasant to look at, not only because most of the times they always have a good set combination but also because if we’re really interested in those sets, there is always the possibility of getting them with a nice discount towards the individual prices.

Well, the super packs are 66450 (Legends of Chima) 66453 (City) and 66455 (Friends). About Chima’ super pack there isn’t much to add beyond what I‘ve written here, only that was priced $54,99.

On the other hand, City super pack features four 2013 sets, the motorcycle (60000), the fire chief car (60001), the fire emergency (60003) and the big red Helicopter (60010) in a total of four fire vehicles and eight mini-figures. $64, 99 looks I bit heavy but I guess that is slightly cheaper than buying all of them separately.

Finally the friends pack brings only three sets, but one of them is considerably bigger than all the others. I’m talking about the Heart Lake High, the big school (41005) that joins the rehearsal stage (41004) and the Emma’s Sports car (31013). This is the most expensive pack of the three with a retail price of eighty eight dollars.

Like them or not they’re three nice options. Please have a look at the pictures:

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