Lego 66521 – A new City construction Super Pack

For those who enjoyed the new City construction sets, here is a good opportunity to get a few of them and save some bucks at the same time. The new super pack brings three different sets from this year’s new wave and feature, as you can see,, five vehicles, nine mini-figures and lots of additional accessories to play with.

Among almost one thousand and four hundred pieces, the main attraction is the Demolition site (60076) that is clearly the biggest of this sub-theme and the other two are the Bulldozer (60074) and the smallest of the three, the Service Truck (60073).The vehicles consist in a big crane with a movable wrecking ball, a front end loader, a Dump-truck with a tipping bed, a powerful bulldozer and a pretty nice service truck, all of them supported by nine mini-figures that being all construction workers have gladly different types of suites.

Usually, the big question in this type of super packs, in my opinion, is “does it worth the effort of spending this amount or is the saving significant”? Well, my last experiences tell me that the save sometimes isn’t bigger that 10 dollars and somewhere there is always a car or a element that we don’t enjoy that much so my small advice is to analyze very carefully all the details before buying it, because if there is just one single item or set that is not so appealing, your deal will surely be ruined!

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