Lego 66456 – A new Star Wars Super Pack for the end of 2013

A new star wars 3×1 Super Pack will be available on retail in next December. According to rumors, it will bring three nice 2013 models, namely the AT-RT (75002), the new Z-95 HeadHunter (75004) and the Barc Speeder with side car (75012).

Definitely seems a pretty interesting pack with three models completely different from each other (AT-RT has never been my favorite in terms of Lego model but on the other hand the long Headhunter is absolutely amazing…) – and eleven mini-figures that among other will include a couple of commando droids, Obi-Wan Kenobi, a few clone troopers and Yoda.

Talking about the price there is already a Belgian site that mentions a 99,99 Euros value which at the first glance doesn’t present any discount compared with the individual prices of each one. Will it be available everywhere or an exclusive set of a retail distributor?

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