Lego 60185 – Mining Power Splitter

Lego has plenty of nice sets that are perfect to add to big construction or even to introduce the kids to the endless world of bricks. And this Mining power splitter is absolutely one of them. It has color, playability and can perfectly interact with bigger sets.

This new Mining set has only one hundred and twenty seven pieces, a typical fifteen bucks box and feature a powerful mining machine, a small structure with rocks, stones and a few golden pieces inside, including a spider, and a single mini-figure, the miner with its traditional suite and assorted accessories.

Despite being simple, the splitter looks cool. It has a central maneuvering seat protected by bars and inside there are two usual handlers. This small platform rotates 360 and together with the arm allows the splitter to blow with the rocks that hide the precious stones. The splitter is stuck to a long arm that can easily move up and down which absolutely makes the process easier. Overall, there isn’t much more to say but it looks cool, especially in terms of playability. The worker isn’t properly a new figure but its helmet with the light look nice and the vehicle itself it a good addition to major sets. And best of all, it’s already available on retail. Enjoy it!

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